What is jdonado.com?

Jdonado.com is my personal page, blog.jdonado.com is this blog, and you’re very welcome to them both.

My name is F. Javier R. Donado, I’m from Madrid (Spain) and I live in Stuttgart (Germany). I’m a software developer, and I also take pictures and record music.

In my blog I write mostly about software development. In jdonado.com I describe my experience as a software developer, I show my pictures and my music, and I write about it all.

How did you do it?

I used AngularJS to develop www.jdonado.com. So actually, it’s not exactly a just page but a web app.

This blog is based in Jekyll, and uses a slightly modified Travelogue template.

Both projects are open source, so feel free to visit me on GitHub. Any feedback will be appreciated.

Did you do it all?

For what you can see in www.jdonado.com, mostly yes. Of course I used some plugins and snippets (I don’t think reinventing the wheel is a good idea), but apart from that, I took care about the rest (code, design, image editing…). I like to use it as a playground to try out new ideas. Check the Special Thanks post for more information.