Welcome to my blog, amigos! My name is F. Javier R. Donado, I was born in Madrid (Spain), and I moved to Stuttgart (Germany) in September 2012.

I’ve been writing software since the early 2000s. My favorite programming languages are TypeScript, Python, and Kotlin, although I’ve used many more over the years (Java, JavaScript, C++, Clojure, PHP, Perl…). My focus is web development (full-stack) and mobile apps.

I have a master’s in Telecom Engineering and currently, I work as a System Architect at Porsche Digital in Ludwigsburg.

I love flexible & scalable architectures, DDD, functional programming, the AWS cloud, Docker, VIM, Visual Studio Code, and the clicky sound of a mechanical keyboard.

In addition to writing software, I take pictures, I pile up guitars, and I compose music in my home studio. For more information, visit my website.

Auf wiedersehen!