I have to specially thank the help of the following people when I was developing

  • Maria Kouman, who is always supportive with me during my long hours in front of the computer, giving also great feedback and wonderful ideas.
  • Artur Beyrle (Lexip Design), who crafted some layouts for my home page and provided me with an extraordinary feedback.
  • Marcel Scherer, from netvico GmbH who also helped me model the home page and gave me great advice about design.
  • Piotr Kulczycki, who even while beta launching his amazing Photler kindly took some time to try out an early beta of this page and gave me fantastic feedback. If you want to see a brilliant travel photography site, check out his World In My Lens.
  • Rubén Álvarez, from Chisme Animal who has always been for me, during many many years, a great source of ideas and inspiration, and provided me with feedback and material for building this site.

I also have to thank the following people for contributing to the open source community, because their work has been particularly helpful for me when developing this web page: Bartek Szopka, Peter McGriff, Sebastian Tschan, Dicson, Mason Medeiros, Dmitry Zelinsky and Salvatore Gentile